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Mount Zion Lutheran Church
Phone: 301-432-6296
E-mail: info@mtzionlg.com

Pastor Rev. Darrell Layman

Message from Pastor Layman

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Starting over again. 35 years ago I began my pastoral ministry in the 3-church Sharpsburg Parish. For almost 7 years I began my Sunday mornings with the worship service at Mt. Zion. Lots of miles and lots of years later here I am once more as your interim pastor. It has been a joy for me to renew connections with persons I have known over the years and to meet folks who have become part of Mt. Zion's community of faith since I last served here.

I look forward to sharing your faith journey in time to come. Please call on me when you need my help. Pray that God's Spirit will empower and support us as we venture forth to share Christ's love with all whom we touch with the ministry of Mt. Zion congregation. Come and be part of our family. There's a place here for you!

------------------------------------In Christ's love,
------------------------------------Pastor Darrell L. Layman

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